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Welcome to the pediatric practice of Drs. Murphy & Staats in Nortern Virginia!

We are a private pediatric practice in Northern Virginia with the purpose of providing the most up to date and exemplary pediatric care available. Our physicians are board certified by the American Academy of Pediatrics and work to keep children healthy and thriving in all facets of their lives.

We strive to provide continuity of care and easy access for your child's health care needs. We are open seven days a week and 365 days a year. For emergencies during non-office hours, there is always a physician call.


We are directly affiliated with INOVA Fairfax and Fair Oaks Hospitals. If your child is hospitalized, either as a routine newborn or for any other reason, we will care for them during their entire hospital stay.


Pediatrics, Adolescent Medicine, Allergy

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